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Vessel – AC Duct Cleaning

Image is important in the real estate industry. Whether you are leasing spaces for residential use, or commercial spaces for use of companies and businesses, you have to make sure the place is spotlessly clean – and that includes the windows.

Cleaning the interior side of windows is easier and more manageable, but you have to also pay attention to its exterior. This can be quite a challenge in Dubai, the city where numerous imposing and high-rise buildings can be found. In situations like these, The Kleeners offers the perfect solution – we provide professional window glass cleaning for apartment complexes and corporate buildings in Dubai and the UAE.

We have a team of window glass maintenance experts

Cleaning the exterior side of windows in high-rise buildings is not only a huge task but a risky one as well. The best solution is to leave it to the experts, like the team of professionals at The Kleeners. Our personnel are adept at maintaining the cleanliness of windows as they have specifically received training for it. In addition, they are specially equipped to do the job. You can trust them to be the superhero of the day and clean the exterior surfaces of your building’s windows, giving you a clear view of Dubai and its busy and lively business districts.

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions in Dubai

The Kleeners provides an extensive array of cleaning services that are aimed at improving the level of sanitation and inhabitability of Dubai residential and commercial spaces. Having clean surroundings at home helps families avoid the risk of diseases and improves their level of comfort and relaxation. On the other hand, spotlessly clean offices and retail stores enhance the image and reputation of their business and brand.

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